About Us

Our mission is to hurricane protect and energy enhance homes one neighbor at a time for generations to come.

Green Home Improvements Plus vision is to provide South Florida homeowners hurricane protection and solar system without the common high pressures sales tactics we all know too well. Since 2014, Floridians have been trusting GHI+ to provide high quality installations at a fair market price. With our ongoing continual eagerness to evolve and to be as efficient of a company as possible, out clients can expect to receive dependable service and quality installations.

The Difference


It’s not about Us, It’s About you

With over 15 years of industry experience, GHI+ has been thru trenches in the field and in the back office to know what it takes for a job well done and a satisfied customer. We not only strive to grow and get better each day, but actually do so by listening to our customers and learning from our experiences. GHI+ is here to help you feel comfortable with the important decision of who should work on your home project. We truly care about your experience or we wouldn’t do what we do.

Yes, we have the experience, are proud of what we do, how we do it, and who we are, but your project is about you, not us! We wont spend your valuable time boring you with how great we are. Just. the opposite, we are here to serve you. Tell us about you, what you want, and what you need. We will listen and give you our best price.

No Dog and Pony Show Promise

GHI+ wont waste your time with dragged out 3-4 hr high pressured sales presentations companies in this industry do for too often. Unfortunately, too many companies pretend to do jobs for cheaper and show inferior products steering homeowners to their own exclusive(not true) products because they know the customer i shopping. Yes, there are subtle differences in products, and we can educate you on them, but GHI+ will never exaggerate those differences and mislead you just so you buy from us at a higher price.

We’re the guys in the middle

GHI+ offers Miami Dade and HVHZ Approved impact windows and doors, and a variety of solar panel and inverter equipment installed with highly skilled technicians to Miami Dade Code Requirements at fair market pricing. We’re not the cheapest, because as you know, you get what you pay for, but we also wont pretend to have the “best” and “exclusive” products just to sell way above market value. GHI+ works with the best, and most well known manufacturers in todays market to meet your project needs at a fair and competitive price.

Energy Efficient Minded

Like our company name, GHI+ has energy efficiency top of mind. Weather its windows with the highest low-e coatings, or going solar and using the sun to provide energy to our homes, team up with GHI+ to lower your electric bills and reduce our carbon footprint one home at a time.

Highly Skilled Installers

We only hire the most highly skilled technicians to work on your home. Every home is different and has different needs. Our installer have the experience to handle your project, and the know how to get the job done right no matter what comes up. So rest assured, we finish what we start.

Financing Solutions

GHI+ works with a variety of lenders and PACE PROGRAM providers to get you the best rates and terms available today.

The History

2005: The company has 15 years of industry experience with hurricane protection and Energy efficient home solutions.

2014: Green Home Improvements Plus was established with an eye on the ball for high quality installations, fair pricing, with top notch customer service.

2015: GHI+ was quaified by the state to pull its own permits for our home projects.

2016: Became one of the first home improvement companies to offer pace financing for multiple home solutions from hurricane window and door replacement to solar systems, and teamed up with a preferred network of roofers and hvac contractor to offer reroofing and HVAC.

2017: Became one of the first few companies to offer multiple Pace Funding solutions to it’s customer base by aligning with several pace providers so customers could choose not only most recognized Pace lenders out there, but also have access to the ones who offered the lowest interest rates with the best terms.

2018: After years of designing and working alongside with the best solar installers, GHI+ obtained it’s own solar license.

2019: Electrical Licensed

2020: Developed a partnership program for sales and marketing teams offering premium installations with top notch customer care aiming to be industry leader for Pace Eligible product installations.

15 Years of Industry Experience
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