Insurance Retrofits

The Retrofits

Florida home and property insurance policies have mitigation credits for hurricane straps or hurricane clips, also known as the roof to wall connection discount.  In order to receive mitigation credits, a home must have certain hurricane protection features which GHI can get done for you.


The Benefits

Adding hurricane straps to every truss will increase the uplift to 1000 pounds per square foot and make your home stronger during a high wind situation. Once the job is completed, your current insurance carrier will give you a credit on your current premium. Homeowners may receive a larger credit than the total job cost! If you own a home, you cannot put a price on protecting your family and assets inside. Being able to save on your insurance, just makes retrofitting an easier decision.  Even better, each year after, you get this new credit applied to your policy.


The Home Insurance Impact

Credits on your home Insurance policy:  A property that has it’s roof to wall attachments well protected will qualify for credits on their home insurance policy.


The GHI difference

Credits on your home policy analysis:  GHI works alongside a leading franchisee agency to Florida’s leading insurance Franchise We Insure.  By emailing or uploading your wind mitigation report, this agency will do a special analysis to see which credits you currently are receiving, which carriers offer the best rates for those credits, and what possible credits you may still be able to receive.

Wind Mitigation Report and 4 point Inspection:  These reports tell your insurance company what credits to apply and if your home meets the underwriting guidelines.  GHI works alongside several inspection companies, and refers a lot of business to them so you can get the inspection you need to receive your credits in a timely manner and for a low cost.

Free Insurance Reshop:  While the insurance agent does the analysis on your home policy, he or she will also reshop your policy with all the top insurance companies in South Florida.  We Insure is a franchise and because of the volume of business they do, they have access to write insurance with almost all insurance companies, and because of that, 90% of the time, if the companies are open to write the business, they can save you money on your home insurance premium.

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